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Sunday, June 11, 2017

End of May 2017

I had requested fruit pizza for mother's day, but then forgot to buy an ingredient, so the kids and I made it the day after. They had fun decorating it.

It was sunny and beautiful one morning so we ventured out on a hike. I have wanted to hike Green Mountain (a small mountain right by our house) since we moved here and we finally did it! Well, not all of it, but some of it. It was fun and beautiful and windy and steep! Good thing we went too because it snowed the next day!

You can faintly see downtown in the distance.

Charity had fun and hasn't outgrown the ergo yet!

Trip to a fun park in Centennial

We finally remembered our coins on this trip to the Nature and Science Museum. 

In the gem and minerals exhibit we found some mica!

In the discovery zone/kids room they had a fun drum activity the kids loved.

Charity's new favorite way to swing,

 Micah conquered the fireman's pole. This has been a long time coming!

Micah had one more playdate with his good friend Braxton before he and his family moved to Idaho. We are going to miss them!

Some Sunday piano practicing

You can barely see it, but there is a plane in the sky pulling an advertisement for hail damage repairs. That's how crazy the hail storm was here! The kids and I had seen the plane a couple times in the week or so after the storm, but I didn't know what it was advertising for at first. So many people had their cars totaled and roofs damaged, there are insurance claim tents in parking lots all over the city. 

Our little Charity eating cherries. I couldn't help myself. Isla calls cherries charitys. It's all a little confusing.

Happy Birthday Isla!

We went to the open gymnastics at the rec center on Isla's birthday. They all had a great time.

Then on Saturday we went back to the rec center as a family and the kids tried out the rock wall and we went swimming. Happy 3rd birthday Isla! She is at such a fun age. She loves to sing throughout the day, narrating what is going on in song. She is starting to love to use her imagination when she plays and often is inviting imaginary friends to come and play. She has fun with Micah most of the time ;) and is increasing sweet with Charity. She likes to draw and do crafts, swing, run around, and watch Peppa Pig. We love her so much and are so grateful she is in our family!

On Memorial Day, Anna invited us over to her apartment complex for a BBQ and swimming. It was really fun!

The hot tub was the favorite pool!

Charity just chillin'

One night when Micah was cleaning up, he put these toys on top of the shelf and said he had made a little family. Michael thought it was a pretty good representation of our family...

Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 2017

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! I love these three and their dad so much!

The first swim day of the year. And the first time for Charity in the pool. She loved it!

We babysat my friend's 8 week old baby Jake, and Micah was a huge help. Charity was not so sure why I was holding another baby, so Micah helped out and fed him.

Currently, this is Charity's happy place. Once we put her on there and took her for a ride, there was no place she liked better. She is getting better and better at getting on and off it herself and pushing herself around a little bit too, which is a plus for everyone! Isla is usually willing to take her for a spin around the house, which is really cute.

Wacky Wednesday for Preschool because we were on the letter W. Isla wanted in on the fun too. I'm not sure this is totally wacky, maybe just weird and backwards, but they enjoyed it.

We had a fun family outing to see Frog and Toad at Arvada Center for the Performing Arts.

We got a crazy hail storm at the beginning of the week. There was a good amount of damage in the area, but we were luckily spared.

Isla's nursery leaders are always doing cute, fun things. This week she got "Scripture Specs"!

The tulips at the temple were beautiful a few weeks ago, so I wanted to take the kids up to see them. They were not quite as beautiful when we finally made it up there, but it was still fun!

At the beginning of the year we used some money Grandma Dorene and Grandpa Bill gave us for Christmas to get a membership to the Nature and Science museum and we have really enjoyed it. They have an extra exhibit about vikings going on that we haven't actually been to, but the kids found these helmets on the ground and loved wearing them. I didn't even ask Micah to show me his best viking face. I guess it just comes naturally to him.

Happy 11 months to this applesauce loving girl!

They don't have many matching clothes, so if they are matching, I feel obligated to take a picture...